While we do make and sell jewelry, like any true craftsman, we offer professional repairs done by our experienced team.  David, a master craftsman, and his son, Joey, a skilled bench jeweler, take each repair as seriously as a new creation.  We are proud to hand back jewelry our hands have rebuilt, and stand by our code of honest excellence.  

Jewelry Repair

*Within Reason

Availability may be limited by volume of customers and jewelry

Along with repairs we offer free jewelry cleaning and inspections.*

(We do not offer Appraisals)

    If you have any questions about any item, please come in.  Oftentimes, we can’t get a fair understanding of something until we actually see it.  


More then that, we like meeting people face to face.  Our craftsmen work with physical things, and are able to see and tell so much more once we have an item in our hands.